4 vacuum parts that are most commonly replaced

4 vacuum parts that are most commonly replaced

Your vacuum sweeper is a mechanical tool. Just like all mechanical objects, vacuum parts in Canada will wear out over time. Regular maintenance can help reduce the wear and tear but eventually, parts will need to be replaced. Here are the most common items that you will need to buy over the vacuum lifetime.


As you are working away, you notice that the vacuum is depositing debris onto the carpet instead of suctioning it up. If the belt is broken, the brush inside the head does not trap the dirt. Belts are easy to find and replace.


Things sound very wrong. There is a screech or other strange noise. First, check to see that there are no obstructions. If that is clear, check the belt to ensure it has not slipped or is broken. If these two maneuvers don't stop the noise, you will probably need to replace the motor. Call a repair company that works with vacuums. This is not a DIY project.

Power cord

Check for any obstructions in the hose or air filter when you plug in the vacuum, but it won't turn on. A continuity checker or multi-tester will tell you if the on/off switch is broken. If neither of these things is the culprit, you probably need a new cord. There is likely a break inside the casing. Replacing the cord is pretty simple.


Check the filter if you notice an unpleasant odour while vacuuming. The more you use a vacuum, the more dirt passes through the filter, and the more frequently you should clean or replace it. Change out the filter at least every six months but more frequently if you use the vacuum a lot.

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Replacement parts are generally easy to get, and you can often do the work yourself. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to help. Check our online store to find the vacuum parts you need in Canada.

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