Choosing A Carpeting Powerhead: Are You Using The Right Style?

Choosing A Carpeting Powerhead: Are You Using The Right Style?

Many people have found the benefits of a central vacuum in Ottawa. They have moved to the ease of inserting a hose into a vent at the baseboard completing the task and storing the hose, as opposed to dragging out a heavy portable unit, dealing with the power cord, bending over because the machine is the correct height, and then having the dust float back into the same room that they are trying to clean.  

When you have a central vacuum system, you will need to decide on the best central vacuum powerhead for your needs. You will hear the terms “air,” “air-driven,” and “turbo driven.” Actually, these all mean about the same thing. The vacuum uses suction to rotate the beater bar; as air moves, the bar hits the carpet fibres to release the dirt.

What is the best type of powerhead?

The type of powerhead will depend on your carpeting. With few low pile rugs, a turbo-style is sufficient. They are less powerful than other styles but will do the trick for basic rugs.

If your home has thick area rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting, you should consider an electric powerhead. This electric current makes the beater bar move instead of the turbo that uses air power. The turbo-style is less expensive, but you will need something more powerful like the electric to deal with extensive or thick carpeting.

If you opt for the electric powerhead, you have two choices: directly connect or pigtail/corded. It will depend on the central vacuum system. A direct connect will have a port, and the hose will have prongs that will insert into those holes. If you do not have a system with that type of inlet port, you will need to go with a pigtail. This powerhead has a separate cord that will plug into a wall outlet, so the home electrical system powers the beater bar rather than the vacuum system.

Important features.

Once you have decided on the powerhead, you will have a choice of features.  

Height adjustment

This option will allow you to adjust the powerhead to the type of carpeting. For example, it may be challenging to maneuver in a high pile carpet. Some powerheads have a floating head that self adjusts, but others you will need to set manually.

Roller brush

Some beater bars and attached brushes are of better quality than others. Some have replaceable brush strips, and in others, you will need to replace the entire roller brush.


There are choices of a poly-V, cogged (or geared), and flat (traditional). Each has its own lifespan.


This is how high the powerhead extends. If you have a lot of low furniture, you will need a low profile so that you can extend the head and hose underneath.


This is a personal preference. A narrower 10-inch will be able to navigate nooks and crannies, but a 14-inch will cover a greater expanse in a shorter amount of time.


Some powerheads come in a lightweight variety.

Buying the perfect powerhead.

When it comes to buying the perfect powerhead for your vacuum, there are a few things you need to take into account. The height of the powerhead, the width, the weight, and the type of vacuum you have will all play a role in your decision. So, with all of this information in hand, it is an excellent time to visit a local vacuum dealer and discuss details and get some recommendations. Vacuum Parts Canada has a range of powerheads to suit all budgets and needs. When it comes to buying the perfect powerhead for your vacuum, there are a few things you need to take into account, and our vacuum experts can help you find the perfect one for your home. At Vacuum Parts Canada, we know that not everyone has the same vacuum needs. Check out our online store or contact us for more information!

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