What Makes A Central Vacuum System So Beneficial To Pets?

What Makes A Central Vacuum System So Beneficial To Pets?

If you are a household with a furry pet, you are probably all too familiar with pet hair and some of the difficulties in vacuuming. You may also have noticed that there are some lingering scents that you thought should be gone even after sweeping. A good option for pet owners is a central vacuum in Ottawa. This will remove pet hair from your home and help eliminate some of those lingering smells. Central vacuums are excellent for pet owners who want to keep their homes clean and free of pet hair.

Why is a standard vacuum so harmful to pets?

A standard vacuum is a machine that uses suctioned air to intake dirt and debris that is contained in a bag or bin. As the air moves through the machine, it is expelled through a vent. That exhaust air is being blown back into the room you have just cleaned. That means minute dust particles and any odours are still in the room and will re-settle on the carpet, furniture, and walls. If the household includes individuals with respiratory issues, any allergens are still around.

Why are central vacuums suitable for pets?

On the other hand, a central vacuum system has a dust bin outside the living quarters. All the dust particles and odours are exhausted in that remote location, leaving your rooms much fresher than using a standard sweeper. All of this means a cleaner place for you and your pets to live and breathe.

In fact, you might want to check out a cyclonic vacuum power unit. These operate without any filters or bags because the air and debris are exhausted into the outside air. It is more powerful and successful than other central vac systems and certainly far better than a traditional sweeper.

When you start researching central vacuum systems, you will note they come with a variety of attachment choices. In addition to the standard set of hoses and nozzles, there are some designed to groom your pet. That's right. A brush that gives Fido or Fluffy a massage while removing excess fur and dander.

Contact us for a central vacuum in Ottawa.

As you can tell, whether you are a pet owner (or thinking about becoming one), have respiratory problems or not, or just want the satisfaction of a cleaner living environment, a central vacuum system is really an advantage. If you are considering central vacuum installation in Ottawa, look no further than our team. We combine high-quality products with exceptional customer service to ensure you get the best possible central vacuum experience. So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about central vacuums and how they can benefit your home. 


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