Where to store your vacuum

Where to store your vacuum

In an ideal world, every house or apartment would have tons of storage areas. Then you could conceal the canned goods and dry products, carefully store your clothing, and hide appliances like Ottawa vacuum cleaners. Since this is not an ideal world but a reality, we sometimes need to be creative in our storage and displays.

What is the ideal place to store your vacuum?

Consider the decor.

Much depends on the décor of your room and home. If you are into steel and sleek industrial or ultra-modern, you will have no problems having your sweeper on display. However, if you have Victorian tastes, the sweeper will stand out, but not in a good way.

Caution with the cord.

While the appliance itself may not be invasive, its cord certainly may be. If you need to have it plugged in for recharging, be careful where it lies. It is a safety hazard as well as not aesthetically pleasing. If you run the vacuum along baseboards, don't staple it through the cord, or you will invite danger.

Easy access.

Of course, having your vacuum in the room means it is always accessible. Anyone in the family can use it for a quick pick-up or cross a chore off the to-do list. 

Choose a smaller one.

Another type of vacuum that is quite popular and meant to be left out is a robotic model. They are small and unobtrusive and can be slipped into a cabinet or left in a corner at its docking system.

Get creative.

If you are relegated to having your sweeper out in the open, think about some options like a sturdy but cute hook that holds it off the ground and near the area where boots are taken off, or school bags dropped. Check out big box stores or those specialty shops with storage solutions. You may find an armoire or stylish cabinet that can fit into a corner to hold the vac and other cleaning items.

No matter where you store it, ensure it is a good vacuum.

Vacuum cleaners are not the most expensive household item, but they are not the cheapest either. You want to make sure you buy a quality product that will do the job and last for years. Vacuum Parts Canada has a comprehensive stock of vacuums, steam cleaners, vacuum parts and vacuum accessories in Ottawa that will undoubtedly suit all your needs. We only work with the best manufacturers, and we ship throughout Canada. Check out our online store or contact us for more information.

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