The Laundry Jet Express is our lowest cost entry level wall mounted model with up to 2 available ports. The Express can be used with the Lift Port or Slide manual Ports and has an automated cycle which allows the user to insert clothes, towels, or bedding leaving the unit to transport and then auto empty in the laundry room, which allows the system to be immediately used again. The Express handles up to 2 different port locations, one of which can be piped to a Return Unit option allowing the user to send clean and dried clothing back to a chosen bedroom or location in the home. The Express has a polished and reflective white gloss lux finish and is a high-end ergonomic appliance which adds technology, automation, and value to any home.



  • Max 2 ports
  • Compatible with the Laundry Jet Return Unit
  • Wall mounted
  • Air side vent diffuser
  • Standing plug 110/120v or (220/240v international)
  • Polished and reflective white gloss lux finish
  • Compatible with Lift and Slide Ports (NOT iSense)
  • Auto emptying for continuous use
  • Quiet close door as standard


  • Capacity 0.83 Cubic feet or .0235 Cubic Meters
  • 13 Amps
  • 1000 Watts
  • Weight 40 lbs
  • Uses 6" PVC SDR sched 35 pipe
  • Max distance from furthest port 120 ft

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