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FaceShield by EZGARD™ | Reusable Protective PPE FaceShield

SKU: FaceShield
$10500 CAD $13999 CAD


FaceShield by EZGARD™ Reusable Protective PPE FaceShield

FaceShield by EZGARD™ is designed for Health Care Workers, Essential Workers and for Personal Use.

  • FaceShield is equipped with an adjustable strap to fit all head sizes.  It is also designed to be worn comfortably over glasses or safety goggles.
  • It will effectively block droplets and dust
  • Can be used repeatedly
  • Can be cleaned with just soap and water
  • Made for both men and women
  • Fog and dust proof
  • Made of Lexan materials
  • Package of 10
  • Designed and Manufactured in North America