How to finish your cleaning chores faster

How to finish your cleaning chores faster

There are many things to get done in a day's time. One of those that seems to take forever is cleaning. It feels as though you are constantly changing from your vacuum to your duster to cloth for the baseboards. Fortunately, several hacks, tricks and tips can make your work with a vacuum cleaner in Ottawa more efficient. They will help your vacuuming take care of a number of tasks you may not have considered, and get the most use out of the machine.

Tips for finishing cleaning chores faster


Check the box that holds the attachments for your vacuum. Select the brush attachment to take care of the dusting. That's right. Instead of moving the dust around or spilling it into the room, you are using suction to rid yourself of pesky dust. It also means you can use this tool on bookcases, wall hangings, nooks and crannies. Adjust the settings to low, and you can use it on window treatments like blinds, curtains, and draperies. That means you are saving enormous time since you are not taking them down and rehanging them.

Deep Cleaning

On those days that you dedicate yourself to a thoroughly clean, begin and end with vacuuming. You may be wondering if that is just extra work. It is not. Using the brush attachment to remove dust from the surfaces of the furnishings will rid you of that initial layer. Then as you go over them again with a cleaning product, you are not creating clumps or making mud. Finishing the day's work with a final sweep means you will pick up any small particles that have fallen or been created during the cleaning process. The end result is a cleaner room or house and less work the next time.

Roller Brush Bars

The beater bar on a vacuum is designed to dislodge pieces of debris, and the brush will then further force them into the bag or canister. The only problem is that fine pieces of string, hair or other elements often get tangled in the brush and around the beater bar. Yes, you will still need to stop and clean it, but instead of using your fingers, which is tiring and time-consuming, or a pair of scissors, which risks gouging, use a seam ripper. This is a small, pencil-like tool that sewists and tailors use to remove stitches from clothing. It is very inexpensive and can be found in the home goods portion of many stores. The cutter on a seam ripper will quickly move through those tangles without damaging the bar or brushes. There is even a smaller portion on the cutter that has a small protective cap that can get between the bristles.

Tight Areas

Corners and tiny spaces are challenging to handle. This includes tracks on your sliding doors, window sills, and other challenges. It is time to switch to a creative solution. Take a lid from a squeeze bottle, which can fit into tiny openings, including the spaces between hardwood flooring. Another trick is to take an empty cardboard roll of toilet paper. Pinch the end, and you have something that will fit into those grooves of your patio door.

Small Items

Ever drop the back of an earring? How about a small screw or spring? You can crawl around for an extended period feeling with your hands, or you can simply attach a stocking to the end of the vacuum hose and secure it with a rubber band. Then you have a filter that you can run over the carpeting until you locate the small item. It won't be sucked into the vacuum because the sock stops it.

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