How to get the most out of your vacuum accessories

How to get the most out of your vacuum accessories

When you originally purchased your vacuum sweeper, it probably came with various attachments. In fact, you may have sprung for a few more accessories. Look at your storage area and assess how many of these items you are using. It could be because you are unsure how they should benefit your cleaning. The following tips will help you understand how vacuum accessories in Canada can make your life much easier.

How to Make the Most of Your Vacuum Accessories

Extension wand

This is pretty obvious. It extends your reach to those areas that are too high, tight, or less accessible, including behind the fridge and other appliances. Attach it to the end of your vacuum hose and include another attachment, and you are ready to go.


This is a thin tool with a relatively narrow slot at the end that is tapered. Most people understand that you attach this to the hose or extension wand and get the dirt out of very tight places like along the carpet/baseboard line, up corners, and furniture.

Dusting brush

This is small and circular, with soft bristles on end. This is great on windowsills, electrical devices, and painted areas that you want to avoid scratching. Like others, just attach it to the end of the hose or extension wand and go at it.


This is another small brush, except it is flat and rectangular. It has a removable row of bristles. It is designed to get those crumbs that hide under furniture cushions.

Power or turbo brush

This is not for delicate surfaces but is perfect for cleaning your car. Generally, this tool is associated with a canister vacuum rather than an upright.


Just attach this to the hose and vacuum your mattresses to eliminate discarded skin cells and mites that could be lurking.


This is specific to hardwood and tile floors. It is a rectangular tool of about 10 to 12 inches long with short bristles.

Blinds and fans Attachments

It works just like it sounds. It's the ideal accessory for removing dust from your fan blades and manoeuvring between blinds.

Large floor brush

This is specially designed for plush carpets. It has a spinning brush that spreads apart the fibres to get a deep clean. It is usually optional with canister vacuums.

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