How to keep your vacuum running like new

How to keep your vacuum running like new

Preventive maintenance is a large part of any appliance. If you keep it in good shape, it will perform better and last longer, saving you considerable money in the process. Vacuum cleaners in Ottawa are not exactly the cheapest appliance, so taking good care of them is the best strategy to avoid replacing them.

A few upkeep practices may help you get the most out of your vacuum and keep it working for longer. You can avoid damage and excessive wear by following these guidelines for maintaining your vacuum cleaner.

Tips for keeping your vacuum cleaner running like new.


To begin with, choose a suitable machine for the job. There are several options available but be sure that the appliance is right for the needs of your home. A large, upright may not be good if you have multiple levels to haul up and down stairs, or a small hand-held won't give you enough power for a four-bedroom home. Read the owner's manual and research to see what you need to keep it in top shape.

All about the bags.

For vacuums that use a bag, check it often. Most are disposable. The bag operates as a filter, although the sweeper also has a separate filter. If the bag is too full, you won't get the carpet as clean because there is nowhere for the debris to go. If it has reached its limit, replace it. If you continue to use the vacuum with a full or over-full bag, you risk damage to the device.

Empty the bin regularly.

If you have a model that does not use a bag, clean the bin after every use. This gives you optimal suction and lots of room for collecting dirt and debris. Periodically rinse the container to remove any elements sticking to the sides.

Check the vents.

Vacuum sweepers have several vents that allow the small particles to be suctioned but prevent larger objects like coins from being sucked into a hose and causing a clog. Check these vents every few uses to ensure they are free to absorb the dirt.

Don't forget about the filters.

Clean or replace vacuum filters frequently. The filters catch the smaller particles of dust and dirt that the bag misses. This is particularly important if someone in your household has respiratory problems. Most newer models come with a HEPA filter which is more effective on pollen, allergens, and pet dander. Refer to the instructions. Some filters can be washed, and others must be replaced. 

Check the roller or beater bar. 

The bristles on it pick up hair and bits of string. If they become too full or the string entwines around the bar, your house will not get as clean as it should be. Generally, you can pop the beater bar out and then access the bin that holds some other debris. Regular cleaning is recommended.

Keeping your vacuum free of clogs and built-up dirt will help you work more efficiently and keep your place cleaner. It will also extend the life of your machine.

Need new vacuum parts in Ottawa?

In conclusion, just a few simple steps can keep your vacuum working like new. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help avoid big problems and keep your home clean. If you follow these tips, you will probably not have any problems with your vacuum. However, if you do, we have a wide selection of vacuum parts in Ottawa, including central vacuum accessories. At Vacuum Parts Canada, we offer a vast stock of parts for all the top brands and ship to the whole country, so you can get your vacuum working like new in no time. Check out our website or contact us if you need any help.

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