Cleaning Your Home with a Central Vacuum System This Spring

Cleaning Your Home with a Central Vacuum System This Spring

Somehow it seems spring rolls around earlier each year, which means it is time to give your home a good cleaning. But before you roll up your sleeves and break out the vacuum cleaner in Ottawa, there are a few things you should do in addition to the usual moving furniture and polishing the brass.

Here are some places you shouldn't overlook when spring cleaning.

Ceiling Fixtures

Look up, and you might see some dust strings hanging around your ceiling lights and fans. Use a vacuum tool called a dusting brush with soft bristles, and you can get around any solid fixtures, chandeliers, or moulding. While you are there, suction through the holes in your smoke detectors to remove any dust or tiny insects.

Refrigerator Coils

Gently pull your refrigerator away from the wall and check the back. You will see some coils. Make sure they are dirt-free, not just from the standpoint of cleaning everything, but it will improve the performance of this appliance, and you won't need to call the repair person as soon. A curved handle tube attachment will work very well.


Not all mattresses can be flipped, but you can at least rotate them. An upholstery nozzle gives the mattress an excellent suction to remove any dust mites.

Skirting or Baseboards

Just attach a crevice nozzle and work your way around every room. You can also go back and give them a nice wipe with clean water to have the space sparkling.


Your clothes dryer has a lint trap that you undoubtedly clean with each load. However, there is the slot that the trap slips into as well as vents and exhaust. The crevice nozzle will work just fine there.

Door Mats

These guys get a lot of abuse. The dirt can get ground in, and you don't even know it. There is a new device called an air-driven turbo brush that gets way down and gives your mat a new lease on life.


Before you wash them, use the curtain accessory on your vacuum to remove excess dust, and you will find your sheers come much cleaner overall.

Find the best vacuum parts in Ottawa for your spring cleaning.

When the time to deep clean comes, having the right vacuum parts will make the task easier. We carry a wide variety of vacuum parts and accessories to suit your needs. Choose the vacuum that will make your spring cleaning a breeze, check out our vacuum online store or contact us for help.


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