How to test a new vacuum

How to test a new vacuum

You have done all the research, shopped around, and invested in a new vacuum. Once you have it home, you need to test it in the environment where it will be used. Some accessories such as vacuum floor brushes for your Ottawa flooring will surely make the experience of cleaning easier. But it won't make much difference if you have the wrong vacuum for your needs. As you operate this machine, here are some things to note to be sure you have made the best purchase.

How easy is it to use?

The first thing to determine is whether it is easy to use. Cordless models are great because you can maneuver them without dealing with a cord. They are also often lighter than other vacuums, so they are easier to operate. If you have a traditional sweeper with a cord attached, you need to see how it can be manipulated around the room and from place to place.

The appearance is important.

You may not particularly consider appearance. After all, it is just a tool that you use to clean your home. However, if the vacuum appears flimsy and cheap, it probably is. That means you will need to replace it sooner, and it will not offer the degree of suction and cleaning power you need to get your home clean.

Does it have enough power?

Similarly, check to see if the motor is strong enough to handle your carpeting. A solid suction power means you will get rid of the dirt, debris, and crumbs the first time around, saving you energy and time. Check the intake port. The smaller opening, the quicker the particles will be suctioned into the bag or canister.

Can it vacuum different flooring types?

If your home has multiple types of flooring, you need to be sure your vacuum is capable of dealing with all of them. It is inefficient and inconvenient to have different types of appliances for each floor type. That can mean changing types of vacuums as you move from room to room or sometimes in the same space with hardwood floors and carpeting. A multi-purpose vacuum is the only alternative, and vacuum floor brushes in Ottawa can come in handy.

Be sure the vacuum has the maneuverability you need to deal with some rooms' corners and irregular shapes. Not all houses have an open concept, and being able to deal with sizes and shapes is important to make cleaning as easy as possible.

Too much noise.

The last thing is to determine the noise level. The amount of noise can seem like a small thing unless you are trying to get your baby to continue sleeping, your job requires you to be on call, you are waiting for a return call from the doctor's office, or you need to hear the kids call if someone gets hurt. Undoubtedly the quietest vacuum is a central vac system since the motor is usually in a remote area like the garage.

The best vacuum options for your home.

As you can tell, it is a good idea to take advantage of the trial period for your new vacuum to be sure it delivers as promised and as you need. When you find the perfect vacuum, you will be glad you made an effort. Many different accessories will make your vacuuming experience much easier, such as different types of hoses, wands, and vacuum floor brushes in Ottawa. Check out our store for the best vacuum kits, accessories and supplies. If you still have questions, contact us and talk to one of our vacuum experts.

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