Best types of vacuum cleaner in Ottawa for pet hair

Best types of vacuum cleaner in Ottawa for pet hair

Our canine and feline family members bring joy and love into our homes. But they also leave lots of pet hair on our upholstery, carpets, and floors. To deal with it, you will need the right vacuum cleaner in Ottawa, and not all offer the same ability to suck up and deal with the hair and dander.

Suppose you need something that deals specifically with pet hair, research that topic thoroughly and apart from the general information on vacs. If you currently use a traditional sweeper that uses bags, you may notice that you are changing or cleaning the vacuum bags more frequently because of the amount of hair. You may want to consider switching to a bagless version. Or, if you have finished cleaning but still see fur on the carpets, it could be that the beater bar and brush, or the force of the airflow, are insufficient. Here is a rundown of some choices.

Best options of vacuum cleaners in Ottawa for pet owners.


A handheld vacuum is usually cordless and beneficial for a small area or a quick cleanup. To deal with pet hair, ensure it has a strong enough suction, good airflow, and a beater bar and brush. Because they are designed for smaller tasks, they have smaller bags that will need replacement more frequently.

For Hardwood

Pet hair does not distinguish between surfaces. You can just as easily have fur on your tile floors or hardwoods. The good news is that you don't necessarily have to chase around with a broom and dustpan. Today you can find vacs that are designed for use on hardwood surfaces. Basically, they don't have the beater bar, so you don't need to worry so much about damaging the flooring. Some vacuums have an option to turn off the roller brush or come with tools that will do the job. 

For Carpet

Here is where the pet hair can accumulate and be driven down into the pile of your rugs. If your current vacuum has a weak roller, weak suction, or insufficient airflow, it won't get up that embedded fur. There are machines on the market that are specific to pet owners. Just be aware that amps indicate the electrical power of the vacuum but not the amount of suction it provides. Uprights usually offer a greater suction than canisters but make and models vary greatly.

Find the ideal vacuum cleaner for your needs.

If you are shopping, do your research in advance. Don't just go by the marketing materials and ads, but look into some organizations that test products, specifically those that are supposed to rid your home of pet hair. Ask at your vet's office and inquire about other friends or acquaintances. At Vacuum Parts Canada, we offer a range of vacuum parts, vacuum accessories and powerful vacuum cleaners with several features to improve your cleaning experience no matter how much pet hair you have in your home. Check out our online store or contact us if you need help.

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