How you can clean your carpets like a professional

How you can clean your carpets like a professional

Carpets get a lot of work, and it is nice to have them deep cleaned every so often. Actually, you can do this yourself with a bit of effort and the right central vacuum accessories in Ottawa. Here are some ideas.


With hot water, cleaning solution, and deep suction, steam cleaners can draw out dirt that has been embedded deep into the pile. Frequently it can also help to remove stains.

First, thoroughly vacuum the area to remove as much surface dust, debris, pet hair, etc. Use a pre-treating solution for noticeable stains. However, pet urine may take some unique treatments. Read all of the instructions on using the steam cleaner so that you are familiar with its operation. Fill the steam cleaner with hot water and carpet cleaner precisely as instructed.

Each machine may operate slightly differently, but the basics are pressing the trigger that releases the liquid and moving the device slowly forward and backward. As you repeat this maneuver, you will see the dirty water filling in the tank. Repeat until the water appears clean. Continue from one section to another until the entire carpet is cleaned. You will need to empty the dirty water and refill the cleaner tank periodically.

Allow the carpet to dry completely, which will take at least a few hours. Turning your HVAC thermostat to 70 and using a floor fan will help accelerate the process.

No Machine

Without mechanical help, the process will be more labour-intensive and probably more time-consuming, but it is possible. Just be careful to avoid oversaturating the flooring with the carpet shampoo.

Sprinkle baking soda over the area you are going to clean. Be liberal. Leave it for a minimum of one hour, but eight to twelve is even better. Consider leaving it overnight or all day while you are at work. You may want to consider a carpet rake or vacuum tool to lift any debris that may have sunk deep into the pile. When ready, use your traditional or central vacuum to suction up all the baking soda and any other residue. 

Fill a clean spray bottle with warm water and only two drops of carpet shampoo. Lightly spray the carpet, being cautious to avoid oversaturating the area. Use a carpet brush to raise the pile and loosen anything embedded. Don't scrub too hard, or you can damage the carpeting itself.

Blot the carpet with clean, dry towels to remove any dampness. Repeat as necessary. Allow the carpet to dry completely before walking on it or replacing furniture. Use a carpet rake to re-raise the pile.


There is a lot of misinformation available, primarily through the internet. Bleach, dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent and anything abrasive can damage the rugs beyond recuperation. Don't pour more wine over a red wine stain; you only compound the problem.

As much as possible, treat stains as soon as they happen or are found. Use a commercial carpet cleaning product. If you would rather, one part distilled white vinegar to three parts cold water seems to work on some stains.

Be sure the area is as clean as possible before beginning. Otherwise, the dust from the overhead fan will just fall onto the damp, cleaned room, and you will need to begin again.

Make cleaning easier with the right central vacuum accessories in Ottawa.

If you plan to use a central vacuum in your home, you will need to purchase the right central vacuum accessories in Ottawa. There are many different types of central vacuum systems on the market, and each one requires its own set of accessories. The right tools will make cleaning your carpets a lot easier. Some central vacuum accessories that are a must-have include hoses, powerheads, and other cleaning attachments. Check out our website for vac accessories.

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