The 6 Must-Have Accessories for Every Vacuum Cleaner

The 6 Must-Have Accessories for Every Vacuum Cleaner

Most vacuum sweepers today come with a variety of accessories. The sweeper features and the attachments are designed to make your cleaning efforts really pay off with a dust-free home. We offer a range of vacuum accessories and vacuum parts in Ottawa. Whether you need a new filter, vacuum bag, or replacement vacuum hose, we have everything you need to keep your vacuum functioning at its best.

Must-Have vacuum parts Ottawa.

HEPA filter.

Many vacuums are equipped with a HEPA filter. This aid helps to trap dust, debris, mould and allergens, and microscopic mites and germs. It is made to hold these in the canister or disposable bag and avoid releasing them through the exhaust portion of the sweeper. This fine mesh filter is hugely beneficial for households with individuals who suffer from pulmonary conditions like allergies or asthma.

Crevice tool.

The crevice tool is a nozzle designed to deal with tight spaces and corners. It has a relatively narrow tip with an angled opening. You can also use it to clean under appliances like the refrigerator or extend to places your hand can't quite reach to pick up small items. It is excellent for use on HVAC vents and along the baseboard.

Upholstery tool.

The upholstery tool has a small, flat head and fairly strong suction power. As its name implies, it is designed to clean soft fabrics and furniture like sofas, mattresses, etc.

Dust brush.

The dust brush has a circular head with a brush. It works nicely on irregularly shaped areas like silk plants or baseboards. It is also handy for dusting blinds, shelves and flat surfaces.

Bare Floor Brush.

Bare floor brushes are for the flat floors that are not carpeted, like entryways, kitchens, etc. Removing the surface dust makes them shiny again. It also prepares areas that you will wet mop.

Carpet tool.

Carpet tool is for all sizes and types of carpeting. It can tackle any depth of pile from a short nap to plush or shags from large areas or small. 

Find your vacuum accessories at Vacuum Parts Canada!

These are the most common accessories available for almost any model and make of vacuum sweeper. There are others like a turbo brush, designed just for mattresses, flexible brushes, hoses, cord protectors, and magnets. Decide which will be the best additions to your vacuum and enjoy a clean house. After making up your mind about the accessories, check out our online store for the best prices. Contact us if you have any questions about accessories or central vacuum systems!


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