Noisy vacuum cleaner: how to fix it

Noisy vacuum cleaner: how to fix it

Okay. A vacuum sweeper is not the quietest tool you will use. However, if you notice that it sounds different or louder, there could be something wrong with the machine. It is best to have it checked out before damage is done to the sweeper. If you need new vacuum parts in Canada, check out our online store for a wide variety of items that will fit your make and model.

What can I do if my vacuum cleaner's noise bothers me?

Check the filters

As the disposable bag or dust bin comes close to capacity, you will notice a slight difference in sound as the sweeper operates. The best thing is to check and replace the bag or empty the bin. At the same time, check your Ottawa vacuum filter. Usually, there are two filters in a household vacuum. Cleaning the filters is simple but use care because they are generally delicate. Using lukewarm water, gently rub the filter with your hands, dry it, and replace it in the machine.

Check the tube

The long, plastic hose that goes from the central part of the vacuum to the brush can be the culprit. If something is clogging that tube, it will sound different than usual. Detach the tube at both ends and see if the obstruction will come out. If not, use a device to pass through the tube to dislodge whatever clogs it.

Check the fan

If it is not an external attachment or part, it is probably the vacuum fan. This is a fan next to the motor responsible for the suction. If the fan or blades are broken, or the entire fan is loose, be sure it is well secured with screws. If you are unsure, see a professional repair person.

Check the motor

If the fan is okay, look at the motor. If you smell something burning or the motor looks rusted anywhere, have the entire motor replaced immediately. Do not use a vacuum with a faulty motor.

Check the brush bearings.

The brushes and roller bar move by a set of ball bearings. Over time these bearings can rust, creating friction and thus increased noise. Replace the entire brush unit, and you will be back in business.

Need new parts? Count on Vacuum Parts Canada!

A good vacuum dealer can help you with these items if you need to replace them. At Vacuum Parts Canada, we have a wide variety of parts for all your needs. If you have checked all these items and feel like it's time for a replacement, visit us online at Vacuum Parts Canada!

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