What you should know about central vacuum cleaners and hardwood floors

What you should know about central vacuum cleaners and hardwood floors

Housekeeping is seldom a joy. You want a nice clean living space, but ridding it of dust, debris, dander, and other particles can take some work. You have been considering central vacuums in Ottawa but have a mixture of floorings in your home. You may wonder if you can use the central vac for your hardwood floors and carpets.

Why is vacuuming the best way to clean hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors are lovely. Often the homeowner will use brooms but wonder if their central vacuum system will be appropriate for these floors. It would certainly seem simpler. The answer is yes. Central vac systems can help maintain your hardwood flooring; in fact, there are several attachments that will work very well for the purpose.

Inside your home, dust and fine debris will land everywhere, including on your hardwood floors. Mops and sweeping sometimes only move particles around and don't always pick up the tiny grains of sand or dirt. Mopping often leaves a film on the surface because the dust and dirt will liquefy. Vacuuming will suction up all the dust and debris in a single action and leave the room fresh.

Benefits of vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors.

When you clean using central vacuums in Ottawa, you won't be pulling a heavy machine over your nice hardwood floors. You only need to handle the hose with the correct attachment. A wide range of accessories is available, including an extension wand and brush heads to carefully suction and remove dust, sand, pet hair, and other items even if they land in those tiny grooves. Using the hose, you won't stir up anything; it just goes through the hose.

A central vacuum system has a much larger capture bin for the dust and debris it suctions, and that canister is located away from the general living area. That means less mess to deal with, and it won't re-enter your rooms.

How do I choose the best central vacuum system for my home?

Each home is different, and representatives from central vac systems understand this. That is why you will need to make your decision with the help of a professional. Some of the items to consider in advance are the square footage of your home and the types of surfaces it holds. You will also need to decide the best space for the location of the power unit. The best choices are garage, basement, or utility room. Finally, you will need to decide the number of vacuum inlets and their locations.

Different manufacturers and models offer different central vacuum accessories. You need to be specific that you want to clean your hardwood floors to be sure you have all the tools you need.

Can I install my own central vacuum?

This is definitely not a DIY project. You will need to work with a dealer and a crew experienced in installing central vacuum systems. In that way, you will know that the job is completed correctly. Be sure to ask about the available accessories and the available maintenance programs.

Getting help to choose central vacuums in Ottawa.

If you are reading this article, chances are you are considering installing a central vacuum in your home. Vacuum Parts Canada has the best central vacuums in the market to ensure your hardwood floors are clean. We have a wide variety of central vacuums with different features to fit your specific needs. Contact us today if you have any questions.

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