Essential vacuum parts in Canada

Essential vacuum parts in Canada

Vacuum sweepers come in many different styles, models and vacuum parts in Canada. Some are uprights, canisters, centralized systems, handheld, industrial, and robotic. Then they can also vary by manufacturer or model. What you want is a machine that will help you keep your place clean. No matter what type or colour you look at, they all have vacuum parts that are essential to make it a vacuum.

Essential vacuum parts in Canada.


The motor is the heart of anything mechanical. It converts electricity into power to make the tool do what it is designed for. In this case, the motor is in the heavy part of the sweeper and is attached to a fan which forces air up from the surface of what you are cleaning and through an exhaust. 

There are different suction levels, which will determine the amount of air moving through the system. Power is measured in watts. The amount of electrical current used is measured in amps.


As mentioned, there is a fan behind the rotating brush. The brush helps the dirt and debris move toward and through the filter and then is deposited into the dust bag or canister.


The filter acts as a sieve to separate the larger and more solid particles from the dust. If the larger items were allowed to penetrate further, they would cause damage to the vacuum and can often break parts. If hard objects move past the filter, they can damage the fan blades and create holes in the dust bag. If the blades don't work correctly, the motor can be imbalanced, causing damage. If the bag breaks while the machine is operating, you will end up with a massive mess inside the sweeper. This will take a professional to repair and clean.

There are two basic types of vacuum filters. A post-motor filter helps retard particles from re-entering the room you are trying to clean. This is designed so that only clean air will exhaust into the space. A HEPA filter is more comprehensive and should capture 99.9% of all particles. This filter is particularly important if someone in the household has asthma, allergies, or other pulmonary issues. It is also critical for those who are immune suppressed or undergoing treatment that requires a cleaner area.


The power to move this sweeper has to come from somewhere. Half a century ago, and they still exist, were human-powered sweepers that a person would rub over the carpet. These do not have nearly the capacity to deep clean as the vacuum sweeper. Today most are run through electricity. A power cord runs from the machine and is inserted into an electrical outlet that turns the vacuum on and off. 

You can also purchase battery-operated models. These are usually rechargeable. These sweepers are more lightweight and do more than the older human-powered models but won't provide enough suction necessary for a good weekly cleaning. The robotic models available on the market are battery driven.

Where to find vacuum parts in Canada?

The more you understand the workings of a vacuum or any machine, the better you will be able to decide the best choice for your needs and budget. Now that you know more about the essential parts of a vacuum, it will be easier to understand the way your vacuum works and what it needs when it comes to maintenance and repair. Contact us today for anything you need when it comes to vacuums.

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