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Industrial Environments

Units designed for heavy-duty use with unrivaled performance and no daily maintenance required. Whether you have a small workshop or large industrial plant, we have what you need.

40 Years of Expertise


Drainvac offers a wide range of products which can be combined with one another to offer you a configuration that will answer perfectly to your specific needs. 

On the industrial level, Drainvac is equally specialized to design customized systems for your business with power that can go up to 30 HP!


Warranty For Industrial Use

Motor(s): 3 years or 750 hours

Circuits: 3 years or 750 hours

Casing: Lifetime

Labour: 1 year or 500 hours (at an authorized DrainVac dealer or plant). The shipment of any items and the travel up to a retailer or to the manufacturer are at customer expense.

DrainVac accessories: 90 days

Regular accessories: 90 days

Replacement Parts: 90 days

Recomendation: Checking and cleaning of the unit and motor(s) after 500 ours are at the customer's expense.