Johnny Vac JVC56BT Autoscrubber Traction 22 Inch w/ Battery and Charger

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The Johnny Vac JVC56BT Autoscrubber Traction 22 Inch  w/ Battery and Charger, a powerful cleaning solution designed to enhance efficiency and ease of use. This autoscrubber is equipped with traction for improved maneuverability and features a range of innovative features to ensure thorough cleaning results.

Key Features:-

Key-Type Switch: Easy-to-use switch for convenient operation.

Traction System: Provides enhanced traction for effortless navigation across various floor surfaces.

V-Shape Squeegee Assembly: Ensures no stains or waste water residues are left behind, maintaining cleanliness.

Four-Directional Squeegee Blades: Offers versatility in cleaning direction for optimal results.

Battery Meter with Timing Function: Allows for easy man-hour calculation, optimizing operation efficiency.

Special Air Ducts: Guarantees the service life of the motor by keeping cold and hot air unmixed during intake and exhaust.

Tool-Free Brush System: Allows for automatic assembly and disassembly of the brush system without the need for tools, facilitating maintenance.

Voltage/Propelling System: Powered by dual 12VDC systems for reliable performance.

Brush Motor: 560 W motor ensures efficient scrubbing power.

Vacuum Motor: 450 W motor provides strong suction capabilities.

Large Capacity Tanks: Features a 13-gallon (50 L) solution tank and a 13-gallon (50 L) recovery tank for extended cleaning sessions.

Wide Cleaning Path: 22 Inch  (560 mm) cleaning path covers large areas efficiently.

Wide Squeegee Width: 32 Inch  (815 mm) squeegee width ensures effective water recovery.

High Efficiency: Cleans up to 26,700 ft2 (2,520 m2) per hour, maximizing productivity.


Feature Details
Traction Yes
Squeegee System V-Shape Assembly, Four-Directional Blades
Battery Meter Yes (with timing function)
Air Ducts Special design for motor air intake and exhaust
Brush System Tool-free automatic assembly and disassembly
Voltage/Propelling Dual 12VDC systems
Brush Motor 560 W
Vacuum Motor 450 W
Solution Tank 13 gal (50 L)
Recovery Tank 13 gal (50 L)
Cleaning Path 22 Inch  (560 mm)
Squeegee Width 32 Inch  (815 mm)
Efficiency 26,700 ft2 (2,520 m2) per hour

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Olivia Pelletier
Satisfied with this product

I like the key-type switch and battery meter: timing function for operation easy for man-hour calculation

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