CanaVac CV787 Central Vacuum with Standard Electric Package

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Hose Color: Black
Hose Size: 30 ft


The CanaVac CV787 Central Vacuum with Standard Electric Package with Smart dirt sensor, rug guards, and belt-free design for seamless cleaning. Reliable Flow-Thru Motor for consistent performance. Micro-Efficiency Filtration captures microscopic particles. Quiet Pack Plus reduces noise for peaceful operation.

Key Features :-

Smart Dirt Sensor: The Standard Electric Powerhead is equipped with a smart dirt sensor that offers real-time feedback on floor cleanliness, ensuring efficient cleaning.

Built-in Rug Guards: With integrated rug guards, this powerhead prevents grabbing onto carpets, minimizing the risk of jamming and ensuring smooth operation.

Cogged Design: Unlike conventional belt drives, the cogged design of the powerhead eliminates belt stretching, providing consistent and reliable performance over time.

Versatile Compatibility: Designed for a variety of surfaces including hardwood floors, area rugs, berber, and carpets, offering versatility in cleaning options without the need for tool changes.

Reliable Flow-Thru Motor: The included Flow-Thru motor is tailored for weekly residential use, delivering good performance at a more affordable price compared to premium motors.

Powerful Performance: With 700 airwatts and 140 inches of waterlift, this motor offers robust suction power, effectively covering up to 8000 square feet.

Micro-Efficiency Filtration: Featuring micro-efficiency filtration, this hybrid model captures both dust and standard pollutants, ensuring cleaner air in your living space.

Bag or Bagless: The hybrid model can be used with or without a bag, providing flexibility according to your preference, with a self-cleaning filter for added convenience.

Large Dirt Capacity: Equipped with a 16-litre/4-gallon dirt pail, the central vacuum ensures ample space for dirt collection, reducing the frequency of emptying.

Quiet Operation: The Quiet Pack Plus feature, including motor and muffler insulation along with an insulated domed lid, ensures quieter operation for a more peaceful cleaning experience.


Flow-Thru Motor

Designed for weekly, residential use, the Flow-Thru motor provides good performance at an affordable price.

Micro-Efficiency Filtration

For dust and standard pollutants.

5-Year Warranty

5 to 12 year Rest-Easy Warranty for peace of mind.

Quiet Pack Plus

Quiet Pack Plus features motor insulation along with an insulated lid for additional noise reduction.

Warranty Information

- 12 Year Motor and Electrical Warranty
- Lifetime Limited Warranty

Customer Reviews

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A Great Investment

This product is a game-changer, providing powerful suction and convenience for effortless cleaning throughout my home, It ensures efficient cleaning with a dirt sensor, rug guards, and seamless transition between floor surfaces.

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