DrainVac Automatik Central Vacuum | Dual Motor with Decanter and Basic Electric Package

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DrainVac Automatik Central Vacuum | Dual Motor with Decanter and Basic Electric Package

The DrainVac Automatik Central Vacuum with Dual Motor, Decanter, and Basic Electric Package offers a powerful and convenient cleaning solution for large homes (up to 20,000 square feet). This central vacuum system boasts innovative features that simplify maintenance and enhance usability, making it ideal for users with limited mobility or allergy sufferers.

Key Features:-

Automatic Drain: Eliminates the need to empty the canister manually, reducing maintenance. Liquids are discharged directly into the sewer system (evacuation pipe kit sold separately).
Picks Up Solids and Liquids: Handles a wider range of cleaning tasks, including wet spills.
Soundproofed Design: Ensures quiet operation during cleaning.
2x355 AW Suction Power: Dual motors provide effective cleaning performance on carpets, hard floors, and other surfaces.
Decanter: Captures large debris, hair, and fur for easier disposal, minimizing the need to clean the main canister as often.
Automatic Shut-Off: Protects the motor from overheating.
Basic Electric Package (details not provided): Likely includes a basic electric powerhead designed for carpets and hard floors. Please consult DrainVac or the retailer for specific contents of the package.
Durable Construction: Backed by a comprehensive warranty, including a lifetime warranty on the casing and 10-year warranties on both motors and circuits.

Warranty Information:-

Motor(s): 10 Years
Circuits: 10 Years
Casing: Lifetime
Labour: 5 Years (authorized dealer or plant)
Accessories: 3 Years
Replacement Parts: 1 Year

Please note: Evacuation pipe kit for the automatic drain is sold separately.

Technical Specifications:-

Motor: Dual Motors (information on individual motor wattage or amps not provided)
Air Watts: 2 x 355 AW (total 710 AW)
Cleaning Area: Up to 20,000 square feet
Liquid Capability: Picks up solids and liquids (automatic drain - evacuation pipe kit sold separately)
Filtration: Information not provided (may require additional details to confirm suitability for allergy sufferers)
Noise Level: Soundproofed design (specific decibel level not mentioned)
Decanter: Yes (collects large debris, hair, and fur)
Automatic Shut-Off: Yes (protects motor from overheating)

DrainVac DV2A310-CB Central Vacuum


Can vacuum dry materials and large quantities of liquids.

Empties itself directly into the drain: no bag to replace, no canister to empty; everything is automated.

LevelSMART: stops and empties the unit when it is full.

Equipped with AudioProteks to reduce high frequencies.

The membrane adjusts the draining time of the unit, indicates the 500-hour count for a service maintenance and has an on/off switch.

Soundproof casing made of polypropylene, resistant to impacts and lifetime warrantied. Made in Canada.

Circuit board made in Canada.

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Warranty Information

Motor(s): 10 Years
Circuits: 10 Years
Casing: Lifetime
Labour: 5 Years (at an authorized DrainVac dealer or plant). The shipment of any items and the travel up to a retailer or to the manufacturer are at customer expense.
Accessories: 3 Years
Replacement Parts: 1 Year

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Nice Product

Make cleaning a simple with this central vacuum system's intuitive controls and user-friendly design.

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