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DrainVac DV2P56 ProXtrak Commercial Portable Central Vacuum Cleaner

$3,99280 CAD


The number 1 choice of disaster clean-up services! Portable two-motor central vacuum (3.88 HP) designed for carpet washing and disaster clean up. Easy to transport and can be placed over a toilet bowl, over a floor drain or outside. This model can be used up to 200 ft. / 60 m from the unit.


  • Picks up liquids
  • Drains directly into the sewer system, thus reducing physical effort and associated injury risks
  • No manual emptying; everything is automatic!
  • Smart circuit board with electronic timer and indicator lights
  • Porthole window show the unit in operation and helps with maintenance
  • Integrated hour meter

Technical Specifications

HP: 4
H2O: 137
CFM: 200
Decibels: 72
Motor(s): 2
Amps: 2x13.5
Capacity: 36 L
Size: 38 cm dia. x 109 cm