DrainVac Generation 2 Central Vacuum | 2 Motor, 520 Air Watts with Muffler and Outside Exhaust Vent

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Our advanced two-motor central vacuum system, delivering ultra-high suction power with 2 x 520 Airwatts (AW). Featuring a soundproofed, large-capacity 9-gallon (41-liter) canister, it's designed to tackle cleaning tasks across 8,500 square feet of surfaces.

Key Features:

Superior Suction Power: Dual motors generate powerful suction for thorough cleaning results.

Large-Capacity Canister: The 9-gallon (41-liter) canister allows for extended cleaning sessions without frequent emptying.

Efficient Filtration: Includes a permanent SMS filter for effective dust capture.

Soundproofed Casing: Minimizes noise during operation for a quieter cleaning experience.

Convenient Dust Bag: Comes with a 2-ply paper dust bag for easy disposal when full.

Muffler Included: Reduces noise levels for added comfort during use.

Dust Bags & Filters:

This model uses the following dust bag and cage filter.

- The dust bag must be changed when it is full.
- The cage filter can be washed whenever the dust bag is replaced. Make sure it is completely dry before it is put back into place. DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER.

*The use of a dust bag and a cage filter is mandatory for this model. Improper usage will void the warranty.

Technical Specifications:

Air Watts: 2x520
H2O: 170
CFM: 135
Decibels: 72
Motor(s): 2
Amps: 13.5 (230V)
Capacity: 41 L
Size: 38 cm dia. x 70 cm

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This DrainVac Central Vacuum delivers exceptional power and convenience. With its robust suction and user-friendly features, it's a reliable choice for maintaining a clean and dust-free home.

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