DrainVac Generation 2 Central Vacuum - 2x302 Air Watts with Muffler and Outside Exhaust Vent

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The advanced two-motor central vacuum system, delivering ultra-high suction power with 2 x 302 Airwatts (AW). Equipped with a soundproofed, large-capacity 9-gallon (41-liter) canister, it's designed to tackle cleaning tasks across 8,500 square feet of surfaces.

Key Features:

Superior Suction Power: Dual motors generate powerful suction for thorough cleaning results.

Large-Capacity Canister: The 9-gallon (41-liter) canister allows for extended cleaning sessions without frequent emptying.

Efficient Filtration: Includes a permanent SMS filter to capture dust and allergens effectively.

Soundproofed Casing: Enjoy quiet operation while cleaning.

Convenient Dust Bag: Includes a 2-ply paper dust bag for easy disposal when full.

Muffler Included: Reduces noise levels for added comfort during use.

Dust Bags & Filters:

- This model requires the use of a dust bag and a cage filter, both of which are essential for maintaining warranty validity.

- Ensure proper maintenance by changing the dust bag when full and washing the cage filter whenever the bag is replaced.

*The use of a dust bag and a cage filter is mandatory for this model. Improper usage will void the warranty.

Technical Specifications:

Air Watts: 2x302
H2O: 160
CFM: 105
Decibels: 70
Motor(s): 2
Amps: 13.5
Capacity: 41 L
Size: 38 cm dia. x 70 cm

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Ava Gauthier
Good Product

The DrainVac Vacuum Cleaner stands out with powerful suction and user-friendly design, providing efficient and hassle-free cleaning for a sparkling home.

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