Installation Kit for Central Vacuum | 3 Inlets | Piping and Accessories

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Installation Kit for Central Vacuum | 3 Inlets | Piping and Accessories

The Installation Kit for Central Vacuum, designed to simplify the process of installing a central vacuum cleaner system in your home or commercial space. This comprehensive kit includes all the necessary components for a hassle-free installation experience.

Key Features:

Complete Installation Solution: All components required for installation are included in the kit, ensuring convenience and ease of setup.

Inlet Valves: Includes three white inlet valves for convenient access to the central vacuum system from multiple locations.

Wall Back Plates: Three 4-inch wall back plates provide secure mounting for the inlet valves, blending seamlessly with your interior decor.

PVC Central Vacuum Piping: With 48 feet (14.6 meters) of PVC piping included, you have ample material to route the vacuum system throughout your space.

Versatile Elbow Options: Includes a variety of elbow fittings, including 90-degree T-shaped elbows, 90-degree L-shaped elbows, and 45-degree elbows, offering flexibility in routing the piping.

Secure Fittings: Six stop couplings and six 2-inch pipe straps ensure secure connections and support for the piping system.

Electric Wire: Includes 50 feet of 24V electric wire for powering the central vacuum system, facilitating efficient operation.

PVC Solvent Glue: Includes 60 ml of PVC solvent glue for reliable bonding of PVC piping components.

Universal Compatibility: Compatible with all types of central vacuum systems, ensuring versatility and compatibility with your existing setup

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Customer Reviews

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Ava Gauthier
Great Product

Absolutely impressed with the Installation Kit for Central Vacuum! With 3 inlets and comprehensive piping and accessories, it made setting up my central vacuum system a breeze.

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