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Johnny Vac JV17DS Floor Polisher with 2 Speeds - 1.5 HP

$2,09900 CAD


Johnny Vac JV17DS Floor Polisher with 2 Speeds - 1.5 HP

Strip and Polish with Saturn Floor Machines by EDIC. Get more bang for your buck with one machine that does the work of two! Strip, scrub, spray-buff, polish, shampoo, bonnet clean you name it, this machine does it all! For professional floor care maintenance, the dual-speed floor machines from Johnny Va are equipped with long-wearing steel triple planetary gearboxes, providing heavy-duty yet quiet operation. Safety comes first with the exclusive “lockout” lever that allows the motor to be activated while keeping both hands on the handle grips. To use the lower speed to scrub and strip, and flip the switch to high speed and polish floors to a glossy luster. The operation is smooth and comfortable in even the most robust commercial settings.

  • Stainless Steel brush cover
  • Dual metal switch levers, left or right hand operation
  • 5″ non-marking wheels


  • Dual metal switch levers left or right- hand operation
  • All steel and stainless construction
  • Low speed for stripping or polishing
  • Fast speed for buffering and polishing
  • Stainless Steel brush cover
  • Optimum weight delivers more resistance against the floor to get the job done better and faster
  • 1.5 HP 66 Frame Motor with Triple Planetary Steel Gears
  • 5″ non-marking wheels
  • non-marking PVC bumper prevents marking furniture or walls
  • Durable spring steel strain relief
  • Extremely durable & convenient handle adjustment mechanism is foot operated


  • Anti-fatigue handle grips
  • Non-marking Wheels
  • PVC bumper
  • Adjustement pedal
  • Stainless Steel brush cover
  • Pad covert 16"
  • Power cord 50'
  • Long-wearing steel triple planetary gearboxes
  • 2-year warranty

Technical Features

Title Description
Brush Head size 17"
RPM Low : 180 ; High : 320
Motor 1,5 HP
Switch and Brush Covert Stainless Steel
Power cord with spring protection 50'
Amps 14,4 A
Drive Pad 16" Includes
Handle Extremely durable & convenient adjustment
Weight 86 lb
Warranty 2 year