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Johnny Vac JV10W - Wet & Dry Commercial Vacuum - 4 Gal. 1000 W

$49900 CAD


Johnny Vac JV10W - Wet & Dry Commercial Vacuum - 4 Gal. 1000 W 

The JV10W commercial vacuum cleaner will allow you finally to ally the strength and the flexibility. Indeed, it is amazing to see that this small vacuum can pick up till 15 litres (4 gallons) of liquid! How? By the intervention of its powerful engine at 2 levels. But there is still a surprise : the ease with which moves the JV10W. Provided with removable wheels, you can so focus on the job without caring about the movements of the vacuum cleaner. Finally, his versatility to pick up as much the dust as the liquids makes the JV10W a major inescapable for your company.


  • Made in solid and secure plastic
  • Independant wheels
  • Johnny Vac  switch series no.SWJV 101
  • Johnny Vac two years warranty
  • Lid handle 
  • Johnny Vac noise suppressor
  • Perfect motor seal technology
  • Perfect tank seal technology
  • In yellow and gray colours


  • Johnny Vac jv10 black commercial  upholstery brush
  • Johnny Vac jv10 black commercial crevice tool
  • Johnny Vac 10 Wand 36 mm X 50 cm
  • Johnny Vac jv10 curved hose handle

Technical Features

Title Description
 Watt    1000W
 Motors     2-  stages
 Capacity     4 gallons (15L)
 CFM     106
 Waterlift    72"
 Dry     yes
 Wet     yes
 Weight :     28 lbs
 Noise  Level:     60 dB