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Johnny Vac JV45G Wet & Dry Commercial Vacuum Cleaner | 45 Gal. Capacity with 2 Motors

$1,99900 CAD


JV45G - Wet & Dry Vacuum - 45 Gal. 2 Motors - Johnny Vac

Nothing compares to the JV45G when its times to face the hardest work. Strongly build with a capacity of 45 gallons and driven by two  850 watts each  powerful motor on the market, the JV45G is the appliance you need if you really want to be at the top. The big metal tank stand on a cart and can be easily drained by the bottom valve. The power and the capacity, that what is the JV45G!


  • CFM: 215
  • Waterlift 92"
  • 2 years warranty
  • Lid handle
  • Integrated cart handle
  • Johnny Vac supressor noise technology
  • Johnny Vac motor seal technology
  • Johnny Vac tank seal technology
  • Hose 2 X 50' Crushproof
  • Cloth filter tissu complete
  • Drain hose


  • Floor and water aluminum brush
  • Squeegee 2" X 20"
  • Metal wand one piece
  • Lid handle
  • Crushproof Hose end cuff
  • Machine side Adaptator 58-50 mm
  • Valve for drain
  • 5 wheel's Dolley