Numatic Henry Xtra HVX200 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Numatic Henry Xtra HVX200 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The Numatic Henry Xtra HVX200 Canister Vacuum Cleaner, a versatile cleaning solution equipped with enhanced features to tackle various surfaces with ease. With all the standard features of Henry and more, the Henry Xtra is designed to deliver exceptional cleaning performance while maintaining energy efficiency.

Key Features:

- Professional 2.5 gallon capacity provides ample storage for extended cleaning sessions.
- Convenient 33-foot power cord offers easy reach and comes with a rewind storage system for hassle-free storage.
- Easy-to-change HepaFlo bags ensure efficient and hygienic waste disposal.
- MicroTex filtration system enhances filtration, cleanliness, and indoor air quality for a healthier environment.
- Full accessory kit XST1 includes a stainless steel wand set and a tool for every cleaning task.

Warranty Information:

Motor: 10 years with the use of NaceCare OEM Vacuum Bags; otherwise, reduced to 2 years.
Parts: 10 years on switches, tanks, and electrical parts excluding wear items.
Labour: 3 years

Technical Specifications:

Model Numatic Henry Xtra HVX200 Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Capacity 2.5 gallons
Power Cord Length 33 feet
Power Cord Storage Rewind storage system
Bag Type HepaFlo bags
Filtration System MicroTex filtration system
Accessory Kit Full accessory kit XST1 (includes stainless steel wand set and tool for every cleaning task)
Motor Warranty 10 years with NaceCare OEM Vacuum Bags; 2 years without
Parts Warranty 10 years on switches, tanks, and electrical parts (excluding wear items)
Labor Warranty 3 years


Numatic Henry Xtra HVX200 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The Henry Xtra HVX200 Canister Vacuum combines the trusted performance of the Henry vacuum with additional features for enhanced cleaning versatility. This powerful machine effectively cleans carpets, hard floors, and upholstery, making it a great choice for most homes. The Henry Xtra boasts a generous capacity, long reach, and a variety of cleaning tools for a complete cleaning solution.

Key Features:

Extra Cleaning Power: Tackle any cleaning task with ease! The Henry Xtra features a powerful motor and innovative filtration system for exceptional cleaning performance.

Extra Capacity: Clean for longer stretches without needing to empty the large 2.5-gallon dust bag.

Extra Reach: Enjoy a wider cleaning radius with the long 33-foot power cord and convenient rewind storage system.

Extra Versatility: Clean carpets, hard floors, and upholstery with ease! The Henry Xtra comes with a standard floor tool, a hard floor brush for delicate surfaces, and an Air Turbo brush for deep carpet cleaning.

MicroTex Filtration: Breathe easy and enjoy a clean environment! The MicroTex filtration system improves indoor air quality by capturing dust and allergens.

Easy-Empty Bags: Enjoy hassle-free emptying with the easy-to-change HepaFlo dust bags.

On-board Storage: Keep your cleaning tools organized and readily available with the dedicated on-board storage compartments for the wand and floor tool.

Full Accessory Kit: The Henry Xtra comes equipped with a comprehensive accessory kit (XST1 with stainless steel wand set) to tackle any cleaning task.

Accessories Included

Dusting Brush

280mm Combination Floor Tool

FloMax Conical Hose

12' Air Driven Turbo Brush


Compact and Convenient

Packed full of great features,
including a convenient carry
handle, on-board tool and cord
storage, and cable replacement
system (...just in case!)

Powerful, Professional and Convenient Cleaning

Perfect for DIY projects and
everyday cleaning. If you’re looking for powerful, professional and convenient cleaning, James is your man.

Wand Docking Allows For Easy Storage

Professional specification brings a 33' power cord and 1.5 gal. capacity. When he's finished James packs away nicely with on-board wand and floor tool storage.

NaceCare Quality

Reduced Noise Levels

Reduced Noise levels are better for shared spaces and open concept designs.

Inceased Motor Life to 2000+ Hours

Longer machine life and less down time. Our motor warranty is 10 years residential.

Industry Leading 10-Year Warranty

10 years as long as NaceCare OEM Vacuum Bags are used in the machine.

Reduced Energy Consumption by 40%

Reduced energy costs without sacrificing cleanliness or carpet appearance.

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Warranty Information

Motor: 10 years as long as NaceCare OEM Vacuum Bags are used in the machine otherwise it is reduced to 2 years.

Parts: 10 years on switches, tanks and electrical parts excluding wear items.

Labour: 3 years

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Mateo Tremblay
Best for hard surfaces

Best for hard surfaces.

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