How long can a vacuum cleaner last?

How long can a vacuum cleaner last?

Most homes own a vacuum cleaner in Ottawa as part of the appliances. If you have had one for a few years or are considering buying a new one, you may be trying to decide how long it will last before replacing it. However, surveys indicate that eight years is an average. It is difficult to determine since not all households are the same size, ranging from studio apartments to two-story houses. Manufacturers don't reveal this information, but if you use some common sense and a few maintenance techniques, you can get the most out of your machine. 

Some factors influence longevity.


Some brands simply build better machines. They have the resources to run research projects, afford better products, and negotiate better prices. Before buying, visit websites to see their claims, features, and warranties.


Regular and proper maintenance is a surefire method to get the most out of any machine. This can prevent breakdowns. Identifying strange noises or malfunctions promptly before they become disasters is always recommended.


The more you use the vacuum, the shorter the lifespan. 

Empty Debris

Be sure to change or clean the receptacle regularly if you use a bagless or canister version. It may seem economical to allow the bag to fill to capacity before you replace it or time-saving to allow the canister to load up. Still, the reality is that clogs can quickly form, and the machine just won't work as efficiently.


The filter deals with dust, pollen, pet dander, and bacteria. They will not catch those nasty pieces when they become clogged or too dirty. Keep the filters in good shape. If it is a reusable version, be sure it is thoroughly dry before you put it back in the vacuum. Replaceable filters should rotate out every three to six months.


The beater bar and brush assembly is the part that hits the floor. Long hair, strings, and other items can wrap around the bar. Check it periodically to be sure it is free to move and gather other items.


Some vacuums have a wet/dry capacity, but not all. Most should not be used to clean up liquids of any type. Not only will the machine be ruined, but you might get electrocuted. Use paper towels, mop, or other items made to be used with liquid substances.

Power Cord

Many vacuums have an extra long cord, which is excellent for not plugging and replugging it too often. However, if you accidentally run over that cord, it will begin to fray and is a fire hazard.

Small Objects

Before you start to vacuum, walk the room and pick up any small items, including buttons, toys, glass, screws, and whatever. 

Take good care of your vacuum cleaner.

Basically, if you take care of the sweeper, it will last longer. Keeping the maintenance to date will prolong the vacuum's life. Vacuum Parts Canada has a range of vacuum parts and vacuum accessories to keep your care and your usage up to date according to your needs. Various models can handle different workloads, and you should avoid pushing the envelope. If your vacuum is not working well and showing signs of age, it may be time to start shopping for a new one. We also have a selection of vacuums that will fit your cleaning needs. Check out our store or contact us for more information.

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